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Catch a loan from the sale and be a plus!

Spring is a time of new opportunities that are often associated with new needs. The beautiful sun outside makes us want to do something more and give ourselves or others pleasure, for which money is often needed. And that’s why we’re announcing a loan sale!

Our loan sale is a great opportunity to realize outstanding plans and get a plus. Only until 5/26/2019 you can take advantage of our promotion and borrow more for less! It is also a great opportunity to make a great gift for my mother, on the occasion of her holiday coming up. For this purpose, we can take advantage of the first loan completely for free, and receive a discount of up to 35% for each subsequent one! This is a great opportunity not to be missed.


First loan for $ 0 for a gift for mother’s day!

First loan for $ 0 for a gift for mother

We offer up to $ 2,000 to customers who apply for a loan for the Plus Plus loan for the first time. This will not only allow you to buy a unique gift for your mother’s day, but we will also be able to make a gift for yourself.

However, we do not have to use the offer of the first loan for free only when we need cash support for a mother’s day gift. We might as well borrow for any other purpose whenever we need extra money. This is a great opportunity, because by borrowing, for example, $ 1,500, that’s exactly what we should pay back. It is worth noting that we do not incur any costs on condition of timely repayment, so it is definitely worth taking care of it.


Borrow more for less – a special discount for regular customers!

Borrow more for less - a special discount for regular customers!

We have also prepared special discounts for our regular customers, which reduce the cost of the loan by up to 35%! Thanks to this, we can borrow cheaper and use the money for any purpose. The maximum loan amount will allow us a very wide field for financial performance, because thanks to it we will be able to decide to buy a bike not only for ourselves but also for our loved ones. Borrowing with discounts pays off, don’t wait for the promotion to run away! The sale of loans is an opportunity that often doesn’t happen!

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